The Beginning

For years we have thrown around ideas on how we can leave a positive impact on the running community. Yes, we were coaching the future of American distance running, but it wasn’t enough. We dreamed of coaching sub-elites in hopes of making it big. We dabbled in the idea of starting our own running group. In our minds we were Walt Disney sketching up Mickey Mouse…in reality we were stuck at a dead end. There had to be another way. I mean coaching high schoolers is great and all, but we felt like we had even more to give. Together we had nearly 50 years of competitive running and coaching experience…that had to count for something right? Starting a blog had come across the table a few times, but we had no blog identity. Until, one afternoon the words came flying out of my mouth, “my coaching situation in Indiana was great because it was just my friends coaching our runners.” I lost all focus on the conversation at hand, pulled out my phone, and left an all caps note titled “BLOG – FRIENDS COACHING RUNNERS!!!!” (Yes, it had at least that many exclamation points.) I went home and signed us up immediately, as if someone else in the world was going to steal this idea in the next 30 seconds. I sent Tom and Andy a text that read “I just started a blog for us called Friends Coaching Runners. Start gathering ideas for things to write about. Here’s the log in info.” I did what any good friend would do…give them no chance to say no. Fortunately, like the great friends they are, they responded with affirmative all caps responses. We were starting a blog.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I want to talk about what to expect from us moving forward. We will start by planing to push out posts on a weekly basis, covering all things related to running, and grow from there. We’ll cover personal experiences, training ideologies, running news, running tips, nutrition, and all other topics that we feel passionately about. These will be our personal opinions based on experience, and we by no means think we know everything, in fact we know very little in the grand scheme of things. We do take suggestions, so if you have a topic you would like us to talk about then let us know! We are going to start individual coaching as well, so do not be afraid to reach out if you need a coach or any running advice. If you end up finding us entertaining, then subscribe to our blog, follow us on Twitter @CoachingRunners, and send us some love!



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